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East Coast Fertility Offers Hope This Holiday Season by Helping Couples Finance Treatment

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December 2nd, 2009 at 3:00 pm

(Vocus/PRWEB ) December 2, 2009 — One in six couples in the United States struggles with infertility. As the holiday season approaches, the inability to fulfill that dream of having a child can be especially painful. It is supposed to be a time to celebrate family, but for many couples it is just a reminder of what they do not have. Many feel hopeless because they lack good information and because the financial burden of treatment is extreme.
East Coast Fertility is reaching out this holiday season with a gift of hope. Dr. David Kreiner and the ECF team will be at the Roosevelt Field Mall Saturday Dec 5th through Sunday Dec 13th on the main level next to Starbucks to offer free information and consultations about fertility treatments and financing options. They will also distribute coupons that can be applied to fertility medications. Dr. Kreiner and his team want to send the message that there are affordable options for couples who want a child. “Finances do not have to be a roadblock to your dreams of having a family,” says Dr. Kreiner. “At ECF we help patients by offering them several ways to reduce the costs of treatment.” 
ECF’s single embryo transfer program is one of those options. It includes a standard In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle, cryopreservation, embryo storage and unlimited frozen embryo transfers all for the price of a single IVF procedure. ECF also participates in the New York State Department of Health Grant program, and even offers their own sliding scale grants to patients who qualify. Another cost effective treatment plan is their Micro IVF regimen which requires less medication and less monitoring, thus reducing the cost. They also offer a “shared risk program” where patients can pay an upfront fee depending on their age and history for 6 retrievals. If they are unsuccessful in achieving a live birth, the patient receives a full refund. Finally, ECF has an IVF Study program where patients can receive discounts if they participate in certain reserch studies. 
“So come meet us at the Roosevelt Field Mall,” says Pamela Madsen, celebrated fertility blogger ( and member of the ECF staff. “And if you are not affected, but know someone who is, spread the word to them about this opportunity. Your outreach can give them hope this holiday season and make their dreams of having children a reality.” For more information, call 516-939-2229 or visit 

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East Coast Fertility Aims to Build Families One Baby at a Time by Applying Single Embryo Transfers to Donor Egg Program

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December 1st, 2009 at 3:00 pm

(PRWeb UK/PRWEB ) December 1, 2009 — Many patients and doctors in the U.K. worry that cross-border fertility care in popular destinations such as the U.S., Spain and Greece involve overly aggressive treatments. They feel standard practices abroad are not in line with their recommendations for treatment. However, the fact remains that couples struggling to start a family sometimes have no other option but to seek help away from their homes. This is especially true in cases where egg donors are needed to achieve pregnancy. In the U.K. there is a three year wait for donor eggs, while the wait in the U.S. is much shorter. It makes sense for couples to travel to get the services they so desperately need, but they often fear that they will be encouraged to transfer several embryos at once and risk a multiple birth.

East Coast Fertility is attempting to dispel the notion that all U.S. clinics pursue aggressive treatments and send patients home pregnant with multiples. While they want to achieve a pregnancy for the patient, their priority is health and safety. In addition, they are mindful of the burden multiple births can put on a country’s healthcare system.
Dr. David Kreiner of East Coast Fertility reflects on the negative opinion that sometimes surrounds cross-border fertility care. “We want patients abroad to know that we share their concerns, and our goal is to help them build their families one baby at a time.”

ECF offers a Single Embryo Transfer (SET) donor egg program. They encourage patients to pursue this protocol by removing the financial incentive from transferring multiple embryos at once. Many patients feel pressure to succeed the first time because of the high cost of treatment, so they risk multiple births by transferring several embryos during an IVF cycle. The SET donor egg program removes this financial pressure. For the price of a single donor egg cycle, patients transferring one embryo at a time get free cryopreservation, storage and unlimited frozen embryo transfers until the patient has a live birth. Unlike other cross border destinations, patients in the U.S. can choose well-screened donors based on personal preferences. The increased availability of donors, the ability to choose those donors and the SET program at ECF offer British patients the highest quality of care combined with the ethics and approach that they have come to expect in their home country.

“We were surprised to learn that patients in Spain are unable to choose their donor,” says Pamela Madsen, celebrated fertility blogger ( and member of the ECF staff. “And we know it’s common in many countries to transfer 2-3 embryos during a donor egg cycle. We want patients to know we can offer them more options. ”

Dr. Kreiner and his team recently traveled to London to offer consultations to couples there who were thinking of seeking treatment in the US. “I’m glad we took the time to meet with these couples personally,” said Dr. Kreiner. “It gave us a chance to show them that we offer high quality treatment with high quality standards.” East Coast Fertility offers free phone consultations to patients abroad. For additional information, visit their website at

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