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Nearly Wordless Wednesday Photo Caption Contest

By Tracey Minella

December 21st, 2011 at 2:28 am

Happy Hannukah. Again. I got ahead of myself last week! Oy!

So last night, when the festival of lights actually began, after gathering with your family for a night rich in tradition and religious significance, I know what happened. You don’t have to tell me.

I know you were all sitting around laughing about my faux pas from last week! You were also talking about the Hanukkah dog picture and wondering who won the contest and what great photo we’d come up with this week for Nearly Wordless Wednesday. I know you’re addicted to the fun.

It’s Wednesday again, which means time for another Nearly Wordless Wednesday photo caption contest. And your weekly shot at stardom and Starbucks!

But first, we award the caption crown for the most recent contest. The winner of last week’s photo caption contest is Cathy! Congrats!

Remember the dog with the menorah strapped to its head? Well, Cathy’s caption: “Maybe they’d stop doing this if I convert!” won her a free Starbucks. Easy, right?

Cathy, please email your address and the words “12-14-11 NWW Hanukkah dog” to Lindsay at to claim your Starbucks gift card.

Ready for this week’s challenge?

Give this photo a caption either below on this blog or on our Facebook page.

Best entry winner gets Starbucks on us! It’s a fast, fun and free contest open to anyone, whether infertile or not, and whether a patient of our practice or not.

Either provide your email address with your entry or check back to see if you won and we’ll tell you how to email us so we can mail you your gift card.

Plus, if you “LIKE” us on Facebook at!/ecfertility, we may be able to send you the prize as a Starbuck’s Card e-gift right through Facebook, so you could be sipping your winnings as early as on the day we choose the winner! (And as much as we’d love you to like us on Facebook, it is absolutely not required to either enter or win our contests!)

Enter today! Or at least before next Tuesday!

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