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GNO Tonight, Come to Women Rock!!

By Tracey Minella

January 26th, 2012 at 10:09 am

Come to Women Rock! tonight from 6-10 pm in Rockville Centre.

Would a free swag bag (valued at over $100) entice you to hurry down to a fashion show and women’s expo tonight? Tickets are only $20 (or $25.00 at the door).  The event promoters promise swag bags to the first 250 women to enter. Plus lots of great information especially for women.

What? You don’t need a bag to have “swag”? I like how you think. Then, come down to see us! Come meet Long Island IVF’s own Lindsay Montello. She’ll be manning the LI-IVF table with her own raffle prize offer.

There will be a DJ and music, dancing and fashion…why it sounds like the Copacabana! (Ooops, I’m probably dating myself now.) For more information on the event, celebrating the power and general awesomeness of women, click on this link: If the link doesn’t work (since we’re transitioning our website and blog yesterday and today and have had some little glitches) google “elephant networking women rock” for the details.

Now, grab the phone and call your friends. Reach out to your facebook friends. Share this link. Tweet it. Treat yourself to a GNO (there…did I redeem myself with my use of a trendy Hanna Montana term? LOL)

Lindsay is looking forward to seeing you…and your swag… tonight.

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