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The “Dream Team”

By David Kreiner MD

March 26th, 2012 at 10:23 pm

I once had a dream that my lab would be staffed by the most skilled embryologists I could find and that my physician partners would be the recognized experts in the field. 

Throughout my career, I have met some of the world’s best specialists in Reproductive Endocrinology and IVF from my time at the Jones Institute and in my 24 years of practice since I left Norfolk to found Long Island IVF with Dr. Dan Kenigsberg. Together, in 1988, we developed the first successful IVF program onLong Island. 

I am most excited to announce that we have assembled since the merger of Long Island IVF and East Coast Fertility such a “Dream Team”. Three of our embryologists have been directors of very successful IVF labs. The other embryologists by virtue of their experience, advanced degrees, and skills could start a successful IVF lab of their own. Instead, we have assembled under the leadership of Dr. Glenn Moodie arguably the strongest embryology team in the nation. 

Likewise, Drs. Joseph Pena, Michael Zinger and myself have joined nationally recognized, Castle Connolly’s “Best Doctors in America”, Drs. Dan Kenigsberg and Steven Brenner, as well as Drs. Kathleen Droesch and Satu Kuokkanen. 

This “Dream Team” of Reproductive Endocrinologists and embryologists in our first three months together produced remarkably successful IVF as good as anywhere in the country.  

For women under 35, during our first three months as a combined program, October 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011, Long Island IVF achieved 35 clinical pregnancies in 53 fresh transfers (66.0%).  For women 35-37, 18/30 (60.0%), 38-40, 20/37 (54.1%) and for women 41 and 42, 8 of 28 (28.6%) achieved clinical pregnancies. 

Additionally, the East Coast Fertility MicroIVF program featuring minimal stimulation and a cost of $3900 achieved 5 pregnancies in 8 women under 38 yrs of age. 

It is apparent that the whole of the combined Long Island IVF is greater than the sum of its independent parts of the two merging practices (East Coast Fertility + Long Island IVF). 

There is perhaps no more rewarding work than to help build families for those who would otherwise never be able to do so but for our efforts. Working as part of the Long Island IVF “Dream Team” is that much more enjoyable knowing that we can give our patients their very best chance to realize their own dreams of creating their families.

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