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LIIVF Announces Fourth Early Entry Winner in Free Micro-IVF Contest!

By Tracey Minella

August 28th, 2012 at 11:48 am

It’s finally over. At midnight on Sunday night, the “Extreme Family-Building Makeover” Contest we launched during National Infertility Awareness Week in April came to a close.

Now all that’s left is choosing the Grand Prize winner of the Free Micro-IVF Cycle. A panel of LIIVF doctors and staff are carefully considering all entries, both video and essay, to make the difficult decision. The decision will be revealed one week from today…on the morning of September 4, 2012…right here on the blog.

If the winner is local, she may find out from one of the Long Island IVF doctors in person by a knock on the door. How exciting! So if you live on Long Island or in Brooklyn or Queens and haven’t already done so, please email Lindsay your home address (at her email address below). Don’t worry though. If the winner is local but is not home next Tuesday morning, she will not forfeit the prize. And as we indicated, you don’t need to be local to win. A prior winner from Georgia didn’t find out she’d won in person.

We know all the entrants are dying of the suspense. And we know we can’t really take your mind off the results. But we can provide a bit of distraction. First, by reminding you of our fun weekly photo caption contest, called Nearly Wordless Wednesday. Each week we put up a fun photo to caption and the person who submits the best entry wins a little gift card. It may be to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds. Who knows? It only takes a minute to enter and you have all week to think of something since the contest is open until each Tuesday at midnight EST. So go over there now and try your luck.

The second way to distract you is to award the final early bird incentive prizes for entries received in August. Each month the essay and video entries that get the most “likes” and/or comments win an early entry incentive prize, or in the event of a tie, the prize is awarded at the discretion of LIIVF. Today’s prize is awarded based on August entries. August was a quiet month for video entries but many essay entries came in.

Congratulations to Valerie for her essay entry which had the most activity (i.e. comments/replies/likes) of all the August entries. Valerie, please email your full name and address to Lindsay at so we can send you your prize: a beautiful, hand-made fertility-themed necklace from Hoping Believing Waiting, identical or similar to this one.

Again, thank you all for sharing your stories. We hope getting your story out was therapeutic. An essay or video telling the story of your fertility journey will make a wonderful personal keepsake for the future, whether or not you win the Grand Prize.

We know it’s hard to wait. But at least it’s not a 2 week wait! Hang in there.

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There’s Something BIG Coming Next Week…

By Tracey Minella

April 19th, 2012 at 9:19 pm

If you’re here for the podcast, waiting with baited breath to hear Dr. Kreiner’s fifth and latest chapter of his book, Journey to the Crib, you’ll have to check back tomorrow…sorry! But it’ll be worth the wait. I promise.

And speaking of things that are worth the wait…

We’ve got something HUGE planned for National Infertility Awareness Week next week.

You are not going to want to miss it, so be sure to check in here next week at The Fertility Daily. But it’d be mean of me not to at least hint about what’s coming. So, here’s the hint: It’s a contest. Its grand prize, worth almost $4,000.00, could be a life-changing dream come true.

That’s all I’m saying for now.

And to those of you checking in for April’s ICLW…WELCOME!!

So glad you stopped by and hope you like it here and come back often. We’ve got a mix of doctor and patient posts. You’ll find patient perspective pieces from me, a veteran IVF mom, with “battle scars” and stories to share. As they say, no one can understand what you’re going through unless they’ve walked a mile in your shoes. (Of course I’m paraphrasing.) Well, I’ve walked a thousand miles in them. In fact, I’ve worn them out. I’ve even crawled a few hundred miles. So I “get it”. If you comment, I will follow you back.

We’re here to make you laugh with our weekly Wednesday photo caption contests, to cry with you, to help guide you with tips and new information, wherever you are on your infertility journey. You’ll also have access to our doctors’ informative posts on the latest medical fertility news. Feel free to ask them your questions! Check out Dr. Kreiner’s weekly podcasts on Thursdays. Want to read a post on a certain topic? Just tell us and we’ll deliver. We also post links to our blog on the Long Island IVF Facebook page at

So, mark those calendars to check back next week when we celebrate National Infertility Awareness Week with the kick-off of an amazing contest!

* * * * * * * * * * **

Anyone have any suggestions for the smaller prizes/gift cards we’ll be giving away in addition to the big mystery Grand Prize? (And, no, Paris is not an option…)

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