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Women’s History Month, Eve, and Infertility

By Tracey Minella

March 9th, 2012 at 6:25 pm

March is National Women’s Month and National Women’s History Month.

So it got me thinking about, well, women in history. And I read several articles about women who’ve made great contributions to society. Some in the fields of medical research and embryology. I’ll share a couple of those stories over the next few weeks.

But interestingly, if you go back as far as Catholic teachings on women’s history would allow you’ll end up with Eve in the Garden of Eden. And as most people know from the story, she defied God’s order not to eat the fruit from a certain tree. I think she was on my mind because I’d recently seen the clips of the musical “Children of Eden”.

I’d never really thought of Eve when thinking about infertility before. After all, she had her sons (unlike several other Biblical women who did suffer infertility). But what just struck me about Eve was that she defied God and was banished from paradise because of it.

As a woman suffering from infertility, I’d often question “Why me?” As the years wore on it was often hard to keep the faith. I felt like God was punishing me by not answering my prayers for a child. I was angry. I admit it.

But for the first time tonight, I considered… “Hey, maybe this is all Eve’s fault”!

Do you think life’s sufferings, like infertility, go back to Eve’s defiance? Are we all still paying a price? Or is infertility just random bad luck? Or the result of specific medical diseases, conditions, and circumstances that have nothing to do with God or any religion?

Imagine if all womanhood was damned from the very beginning of history. One apple. Seems harsh, no?

Just something to ponder as we celebrate Women’s History Month.

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