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Infertility and The Greatest Gift

By Tracey Minella

April 12th, 2014 at 7:02 am


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Ever wish you could make a real difference in someone’s life? A life-altering difference?  Well, you can, and you just may improve your own life in the process.

Egg donation is a gift you can give to a friend, family member, or stranger who desperately wants to conceive, but for any number of reasons, is unable to do so with her own eggs. She needs the eggs of a young, healthy, generous woman. Possibly you.

Donor egg recipients are often women who have struggled with infertility for years. Many have exhausted all other medical options to conceive using their own eggs or may have suffered the pain of repeated miscarriage along their journey. Sadly, some women battle cancer only to find that chemotherapy and/or radiation robbed them of the ability to use their own eggs to start a family afterwards.  

Egg donors are special, empathetic people.

Although they are financially compensated in the sum of $8,000, most women donate their eggs simply because they want to help someone else.

Some donors have had children and know how much motherhood means. Others may be students who aren’t ready to have their own families just yet, but want to help someone else do so. Most healthy, young women under the age of 31 can be candidates.

Long Island IVF gave Long Island its first donor egg baby. For more than two decades our Donor Egg Program has been helping donor egg recipients find the right egg donor and build their families.

If you’re interested in giving someone the ultimate gift…the chance to become a mother…and want to learn more about becoming an egg donor, including details regarding compensation for participation in the program, please contact the Donor Egg Coordinator, Vicky Loveland, RN, at (631) 752-0606 and view our website at

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Are you, or do you know anyone who would be, interested in this opportunity? If so, please call or forward this information to others.

If you have donated… or received… eggs would you share your experience?           


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Anonymous Egg Donation: A Leap of Faith

By Amy Demma

September 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Last week I wrote about the initial concerns often expressed to me by prospective parents when considering egg donation; I discussed costs, timing and likelihood of success. The next matter of concern for most donor egg recipients is, in my experience, donor compliance. When talking with clients about the good faith with which one must proceed through an anonymous donor cycle, the issue of donor reliability is something I spend a lot of time discussing.

Yes, anonymous egg donation requires trust, and an awful lot of it. But confidence in the due diligence and vetting processes in place at your clinic – your donor will meet with the egg donor coordinator, nurses, mental health professionals, your physician – as well as agency staff, if an agency has been engaged, should offer a good degree of comfort. Worthy of mention, too, is that fact that the donor is assessed by these professionals from different points of view, your physician is reviewing her profile, her screening results, her medical and gynecological records to determine her fitness to donate, the nurses and donor egg coordinators are not only looking at her records but likely assessing her reliability, the mental health professional is considering her demeanor. I look at a donor applicant to determine if she will be able to meet the legal standard of informed consent. Yes, there is a leap of faith that the recipient will take, but know that your risks are being minimized by the very team you have selected to guide both you and your donor through the process. You have a lot of folks invested in optimizing your chances for success.

Consider, too, that donors want a positive outcome. I’ve worked with hundreds of donors – when a cycle works out, they are thrilled, when a cycle does not result in a pregnancy, my staff and I often hear disappointment, regret and sometimes even guilt that perhaps there was something more she could have done to help the recipient reach the desired outcome.

When I first sat down to write this blog, I intended to talk about the language typically written into Egg Donor Agreements regarding breach and the remedies reserved for the recipient parent should the donor be non-compliant. As an attorney my job is to anticipate a worst-case scenario and to protect my clients accordingly. Considering though, that in my experience, donor non-compliance is a rare occurrence, I instead decided to remind prospective parents of the many folks, including the donor, who are working together, in a truly collaborative way to help you to build your family. The blog that would have been about crisis ended up, much more appropriately, about reasons to be positive and to have faith.

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