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Is Your Reproductive Endocrinologist or Fertility Practice On Top of Their Game?

By Tracey Minella

October 10th, 2013 at 7:22 pm


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Did you research your reproductive endocrinologist’s background before your initial appointment or did you just trust the recommendation of a friend who had success with him? Has your investigation gone no further than a quick glance at those diplomas on the office wall?

Does it matter that your doctor graduated first in his class at Harvard Medical School in 1980 if he hasn’t kept abreast of the rapidly changing advances in the assisted reproductive technology (ART) field, or hasn’t surrounded himself with a team of top-rate embryologists? Or hasn’t conducted any research studies?

Certainly, education matters. But so does something else…continuing education.

Is your doctor on top of his or her game? Is he involved in ground-breaking research? Is she recognized as a leader in the field?

The biggest annual conference on Assisted Reproductive Technology is the Conjoint Meeting of the International Federation of Fertility Societies and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine…more simply referred to as the ASRM… and it kicks off in Boston this Saturday. Fertility doctors, embryologists, IVF nurses, and others working in the field come from all over the world to attend the 5 day conference to learn the latest, cutting edge developments in reproductive technology.

The information to be presented at the ASRM each year is chosen by the committee based on research studies and abstracts submitted by fertility professionals across the globe. Having an abstract chosen for presentation at the ASRM is a great honor to a fertility practice.

Although Long Island IVF always sends several doctors and key support staff, this year is extra special… 

This year, not only one… but two… abstracts from Long Island IVF have been accepted for presentation at the ASRM.

The first abstract is titled: “Minimal Stimulation (Micro-IVF) Achieves Similar Clinical Outcomes in Patients Under 35 years of age compared to those undergoing conventional controlled ovarian hyperstimulation.” For more information about the Long Island IVF Micro-IVF Program see or speak to your Long Island IVF doctor.

The second abstract is titled:  “eSET vs DET: Its Clinical Effectiveness in the Real World”. This abstract compared the effectiveness of Single Embryo Transfers (SET) against that of Double Embryo Transfers (DET). For more information about the Long Island IVF Single Embryo Transfer Program, including the financial incentives offered to SET program patients, see or speak to your Long Island IVF doctor.

Through these two ground-breaking studies, Long Island IVF has addressed two important issues for today’s infertility patients… lowering the costs of treatment and minimizing the chance of potentially risky multiple pregnancies…all while maintaining competitive pregnancy success rates.

If you have any questions, including whether you might be a candidate for either of these well-established Long Island IVF programs, please contact your Long Island IVF doctor.

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Have you participated in (or would you consider) the SET or Micro-IVF program? What would your primary reason be for doing so, or not doing so?


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