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Ode to My Captain

By Tracey Minella

September 26th, 2014 at 3:11 pm

He sure looks good in pinstripes. He also looks good in heather gray.

He’s your captain and has been right there for as long as you can remember. Just a touch away from the couch.

“Captain Clutch”. He always comes through when a miracle is needed.

He’s not like other men. He’s special. Almost magical.

He always goes above and beyond the call, defying odds. There is no physical task he can’t perform when the demand is made and the pressure is on. He is the master of his domain.

He’s the definition of a team player. You could not admire him more.

He builds up his team, deflects attention from himself, and downplays his important contributions.

He wants to win. It’s his only goal… his only focus… 24/7. Year after year. It has been that way since the journey began long ago.

He has sacrificed everything in pursuit of his dream. He tries to hold in his emotions.

He sees children in his future.

Who is he?

He is your husband.

* ** * *** ** ** * ** *** ********** ** ** * * * **** ** *

By the way…Thanks for the memories, Derek Jeter! You’re awesome, too. I’m tipping my hat (pictured above) to you!

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DJ3K and the IVF Factor

By Tracey Minella

July 29th, 2011 at 1:26 am

Hey boys! It’s the last post of the month and… in keeping with the tradition here at The Fertility Daily blog… this one’s just for you guys. And boy was it hard for me to wait to post this one.

Whether you’re a Yankee fan or you… as Dr. Kreiner says… "fancy" a different team, you probably watched the big moment in baseball history earlier this month. You know what I’m talking about. The moment Derek Jeter got his 3,000th career hit. The moment he joined 27 others in this elite club. The moment he became the first Yankee to do it exclusively with the Yankees.

And true to the magic that is Derek Jeter…look, like it or not, the guy has these magical moments that even Disney couldn’t script better…he does it with a homerun. And he goes 5-5 on top of that. Did we really expect anything less of Mr. November?

Even if you missed it, you must have seen the replays…over and over again. And the stories. And the interviews. Over and over again.

So you know who Christian is. And here is where my post is going.

The moment that homerun, 3000th hit ball went sailing into the hands of a fan, like the shot heard round the world, the media speculated on whether the fan would keep the ball, return the ball for a king’s ransom, or give it back to Jeter.

In a nanosecond, we knew the answer. And I was shocked. And that sparked quite the debate between my husband and me.

Like most of America, hubby ate up the feel-good, wow-that-boy-was-raised-right story of the starry-eyed Jeter fan “doing the right thing” and giving the ball back. Asking for nothing in return. Of course, it was the perfect ending to the perfect fairy tale that day. Like a Disney script. And he said he’d have done the same thing. WHAT?!

Enter, me. The villain.

“What an idiot!” I said in disgust. It was like he won the lottery and then ripped up the ticket. And what sports the Yankees were, giving him a couple bats and jerseys and seats…that will cost him money in taxes! Gee, thanks. Didn’t they just give some retiring trainer or groundskeeper some houses, boats, trips, a pickup truck with a dog in it, and a lawnmower, etc. etc.?

Here’s a young man with student loans, a girlfriend he might like to give a ring to someday, and who knows what other burdens. Would it have killed the Yankees or Jeter to have even bought him a car? Heck, Jeter could’ve given him the Ford Edge none of us believe he really drives.

Ok. I admit that way down deep in my heart, I can admire the young man for doing the morally right thing. However, is it always immoral and wrong to profit from your fortuitous situation? Are you automatically the dog if you try to?

In the few seconds after the ball was caught…before we knew the story…I already wondered: What if the guy who caught the ball is suffering from infertility? What if he and his wife need the money for IVF? This could be their dream come true. So why can’t they finance their baby fund with some of the Yankees’ money?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

So guys…what would YOU have done if you caught the ball? And what would your wife’s reaction have been to that?

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