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NWW Photo Caption Contest No.78

By Tracey Minella

July 3rd, 2013 at 11:11 pm


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What a great week to play Nearly Wordless Wednesday, our weekly photo caption contest*… or NWW as it’s known to the regulars. NWW is our blog-based contest where anyone anywhere can enter to win by submitting a clever caption for the photo of the week. Work in a few minutes in your week for our fun little stress-buster. It’s addicting. Come on and play. Many of you have several days off for the holiday this week so fit in a few minutes of fun right here.

Each week, the winner gets a gift card as our little thank you for playing our game.

This week’s contest winner will get a Starbucks gift card. Not as American as apple pie, hot dogs, or Chevrolet, but still a popular American indulgence! To win the gift card, you’ve got to be the best of the best of the captions. So gather your friends around you at a barbeque this holiday weekend and take your best shots and your favorite may be on us next week!

Before we move on to the contest, we need to announce last week’s contest winner: Tiffany! Remember the picture of the guilty-looking horse that got its head stuck on the doggie door and ripped off the bottom of the door? We liked Tiffany’s short, direct caption best:


Tiffany, please email your address and the words “NWW Contest #77 Starbucks” to Lindsay at to claim your gift card.

Now on to this week’s challenge…

The Fourth of July will send throngs of people to the beach this weekend. Yikes! Hey remember the sunscreen this weekend, folks! The photo comes from the funny stock of

Give this photo a caption on the blog (remember it’s not a Facebook contest). Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Best entry winner gets Starbucks on us! It’s a fast, fun and free contest open to anyone, whether infertile or not, and whether a patient of our practice or not. Join our “regulars” in the weekly challenge!

Bookmark our blog and check back next week to see if you won and we’ll mail you your gift card.

Plus, if you decide to “LIKE” us on Facebook at , we may be able to send you the prize as an e-gift right through Facebook, depending on what this week’s prize is, so you could be enjoying your winnings as early as on the day we choose the winner! But we’re more than happy to mail it to you! (So as much as we’d love you to “LIKE” us on Facebook, it is absolutely not required to either enter or win our contests!)

*This is a blog-based contest. You may only enter it on the blog. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Facebook.  All entrants or participants completely release Facebook for any claims. Participants are disclosing their entry information to LIIVF, not Facebook. “Liking” LIIVF on Facebook is not required to enter or win.

Enter today! Or at least before next Tuesday!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Why not bookmark us so you remember to check back often…at least every Wednesday…so you don’t miss our NWW contests. And we also run bigger contests, too. Please feel free to suggest other fun places we could get gift cards from that you’d like to win as prizes for these fun contests or topics you’d like to see discussed on the blog. Now go enter the contest!

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