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Micro-IVF May Be Your Answer—and You Could Win a Free Cycle!!!

By David Kreiner MD, and Tracey Minella

August 21st, 2012 at 9:22 pm


What better time than now to have Dr. Kreiner explain what Micro-IVF is all about!

Why? Because there are 5 days left to enter to win a FREE MICRO-IVF CYCLE FROM LIIVF! After you read all about the many benefits of Micro-IVF, I’m sure you’ll be excited enough to want to enter to win our annual contest.

Here’s the link for the contest:

Dr. Kreiner of Long Island IVF explains the process and who can benefit from it:

You’ve already crossed the bridge from “We’re going to get pregnant!” to “We need help…” But this other side looks filled with more obstacles, including expensive and risky fertility medications.

How far do you have to go just to have a baby?

Micro-IVF (sometimes called mini-IVF) may be your answer.

The primary point of MicroIVF: fewer fertility drugs, less cost.

Plus you get additional benefits: decreased chances of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and of multiple pregnancies.

Additionally, Long Island IVF patients who choose MicroIVF can increase their savings if they also use our Single Embryo Transfer Program — embryo freezing, storage, and future frozen embryo transfers are free.

Why go Micro?

I learned long ago that pregnancies of twins, triplets, and more can bring heartache to what should be a joyous journey for fertility patients. So the LIIVF team has dedicated our practice to the achievement of safe, healthy pregnancies.


Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is often considered the first order of business for many infertility patients.

Sometimes called “artificial insemination,” the usual protocol — oral and injectable fertility medications to induce superovulation (of more than one egg in a cycle), followed by insemination via exam room procedure — is believed to be simpler and, therefore, less costly than IVF.

That’s just not true any longer.

The facts now are that success rates can be far better for IVF than for IUI, depending on the individual’s or couple’s cause of infertility. Many women undergo several IUI’s before achieving conception.

Some infertility causes — pelvic adhesions/scarring, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and severe male factor issues — will not respond to IUI but are treatable with IVF.

Even patients who would otherwise try IUI to get pregnant will find that choosing Micro-IVF can result in cost savings and greater safety:

Micro-IVF fee (current as of August 2012): $3900

ICSI (if required): $2000

Anesthesia (as requested): $550

IUI with hormone injections: $3500 to $4500

Is Micro-IVF right for you? Each patient’s case is considered carefully and individually.

The following are conditions that might respond best to Micro-IVF:

Young healthy women with PCOS or who otherwise produce many follicles

Women with pelvic adhesions or scarring, blocked fallopian tubes, or endometriosis

Couples with severe male factor infertility

Micro-IVF really is a case of a little treatment going a long way! With it, you can access the world’s most successful assisted reproductive technology at far less cost.

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So, are you excited or interested in learning if you are a good candidate? Why not enter our contest before it ends this Sunday?

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