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Long Island IVF Seminar Thursday Night! Meet Our Team!

By Tracey Minella

September 18th, 2012 at 1:11 pm

Summer’s over. There’s a slight chill in the autumn night air. And you have no plans for Thursday night. That is until now. 

Grab a light sweatshirt and some comfy jeans… maybe even a festive scarf… and come on down to Long Island IVF and meet the team. 

We can really help you get your mind off all the worry that comes with trying to conceive and not succeeding yet. Is there a voice in your head saying there may be a reason why you haven’t gotten pregnant yet…but you keep ignoring it out of fear? 

Well, don’t miss this chance to meet and mingle with the Long Island IVF team this Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 6:30 pm and get all your questions answered! Think about that. Free access to privately pick the brain of a Reproductive Endocrinologist. No co-pay. No check. No cost. Just listen, learn, and then ask your questions in private. 

Spend some time with us learning all about IVF. After all, knowledge is power. We’re a very knowledgeable and approachable group. Still nervous? Bring a friend. 

In fact, we’ll sweeten the pot if you do just that! Grab a friend* and come down to meet some of our team… and we’ll give you a Starbucks card for yourself. 

Can’t get your friends to come with you? Well, you still have US…and we’re the best friends someone suffering from infertility could ask for…we understand AND can help! You’ll get riveting, cutting edge fertility information from some of the most respected doctors, embryologists, and staff members in the reproductive medicine business. You could even make a new friend. 

As if that’s not enough…we’ll have cookies. That’s right. We feed you snacks if you come out in the chilly night air. 

Remember, after you’ve learned everything there is to know about IVF, you can have all your personal questions answered privately right after the speakers wrap up their quick presentations. And the best part is that you don’t even have to be a current patient to come! Just come in off the street. Have an early dinner and come over afterwards. Or swing by after work. 

Have you been trying to conceive without success? Maybe suffered one or more miscarriages? Is your day 3 FSH in the stratosphere? Have other programs told you to give up?  Have they said you’re too heavy to conceive? Do you need info on grant programs and financing? Would you like to hear of contests where you could win great prizes like restaurant certificates and free or discounted infertility services? If so, you really need to come down and meet the some of our professional team. 

Don’t you owe it to yourself to just check it out? When was the last time you could corner a RE and ask all your questions without them politely dashing out? For free.

 Come on. We’re waiting for you. And your legitimately interested friend*…who, by the way, can’t be a spouse, partner, parent, child, pregnant neighbor, octogenarian, or octomom. (That would be cheating!) 

Seminar begins this Thursday, September 20th at 6:30 pm at: Long Island IVF, 245 Newtown Rd., Suite 300, PLAINVIEW, New York 11803 

We’ll be there ‘til the last question is asked and answered…or we run out of cookies…whichever comes first 😉 Be there. 

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