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Groundhog’s Day–The Infertility Movie

By Tracey Minella

February 2nd, 2018 at 2:04 pm


Groundhog’s Day for infertility patients is about more than just pulling a sleeping rodent out of a hole to find out the forecast. Infertility patients relate more to Groundhog’s Day, the Movie. Remember how Bill Murray’s character was trapped reliving Groundhog’s Day all over again? Every. Single. Day? And how he desperately tried to tweak things each day in order change the outcome and finally get the thing he wanted that was always just out of his reach?

Well, that’s essentially the life of the infertility patient on their journey—especially if the baby quest is dragging out like a long, dreary winter with no hope of spring in sight. Day after day of blood work, ultrasounds, injections that blend into each other. And a frustrating hell of repetitive negative pee sticks month after disappointing month.

So, if you need extra support, Long Island IVF offers it. Our innovative Mind-Body Program, which includes group and individual counseling, may help you cope.

Or register here and come down for our free “Rekindling the Romance in the Face of Infertility” workshop on February 8th. All are welcome—no need to be a patient.

Here on Long Island for the second straight year, two local groundhogs can’t seem to agree on whether we’re going to have to suffer through more ugliness or be blessed with an early spring.

So, what do we do?

We have faith that the outcome we wish for is going to be the one we actually get. And we look forward to the morning when we will wake up from this difficult repetitiveness to a new day where the shadow of infertility is no longer in sight.

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The Infertile Woman’s Groundhog’s Day Wish

By Tracey Minella

February 2nd, 2011 at 12:00 am

If that furry varmint sees his shadow this morning, I will personally trek to Punxsutawney and poke his eyes out with my show shovel so he’ll never get to see it again. Maybe run him through my well-worn snow thrower and scoop him up for Groundhog Stew.

Look, infertile women are already depressed. We don’t need six more weeks of snowstorms on top of the record breaking snow we’ve had already. As if IVF monitoring isn’t hard enough, why not throw a few more blizzards into the mix. Getting up even earlier to shovel the car out is a hoot with swollen ovaries.  Driving with white knuckles and dodging flying ice sheets from the roofs of clueless soccer moms’ SUVs is too fun to give up so soon.

So listen up, Phil. Today should be gray and icy. No sun. No shadow. An early spring is coming. Got it, you comatose weasel?

Look, infertile women are not just depressed. We’re also fickle. We don’t need an early spring you stupid, overgrown rat. That would just be like putting it in our faces that yet another season has passed. And we aren’t pregnant yet.  Not ready to give up comfy sweats and sleeping in and wallowing in our own misery…which is clearly more socially acceptable during the dreary winter months. What are you trying to do…make us look bad? Spring is perky. We loathe perky.

So you got it, Phil? Better not go back in that hole. Better come out squinting. Better wear those shades. I need to crawl back under the covers for another 6 weeks. You better be listening, Phil.

I know where you live. I have a crock pot…and I’m not afraid to use it.

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