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IVF and Superstitions

By Tracey Minella

January 13th, 2012 at 12:00 am

Anyone out there ever have a transfer or retrieval or IUI or pregnancy test on a Friday the 13th? I did.

How did you feel about that? Defeated and doomed from the start? Steadfast and set to defy the day? Or was it just another day?

Do you do anything special on such days for good luck?

When I was doing IVF, I used to wear this fertility amulet. It was a pewter fertility symbol hanging on a long, thin, black leather cord around my neck. I also carried a mirrored compact with an angel on it given to me by a friend who was moving away who said I would get pregnant. (After I finally did, I passed that compact along to another friend TTC).

And I also always wore this one particular pair of jeans to my retrievals and transfers. It was the pair I wore on my first consultation appointment with Dr. Kreiner. Of course, as the years wore on, those jeans wore out. But I kept wearing them anyway. The bottoms were frayed, the knees were both shot, and the back end offered less coverage than the hospital gown I traded them in for. But I wore them to both successful retrievals and transfers.

And now they have been saved in a special drawer along with other mementos of “the infertility years”, like all of my hospital bracelets, slipper socks, souvenir unused syringes and needles, pharmacy and insurance bills, and other trinkets to remind me of the journey. Ready to pull out when I’m feeling nostalgic… or when the kids grow up and I want to make them feel guilty about misbehavin’ (“Ya see all these bracelets, Missy? Do you know I had general anesthesia 10 times to have you…?”).

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 Do you have any routines, traditions, or superstitions regarding your treatment…on Friday the 13th or any other day? If so, please share.

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