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Companies That May Cover IVF, Infertility Treatment, and/or Adoption Costs

By Tracey Minella

September 18th, 2015 at 9:28 am


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Can I get a show of hands of people who need IVF but don’t have medical insurance that covers it?

Well, misery loves company and you’ve got lots of it. But that’s no comfort when you’d give anything to have infertility insurance.

If you’re tired of working two jobs, forgoing vacations, and maxing out credit cards to finance your fertility treatments… while the rest of the fertile world is off at Disneyland with their brood… I’ve got a great little resource for you.

Here is a comprehensive, alphabetically-organized list of companies that may offer coverage for infertility and/or adoption costs* according to The International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc.’s website. Not only that, but it provides details about the purported amounts and particular treatments covered.

If you would consider a job move or career change in exchange for the potential to have your infertility treatments covered, grab a cup of coffee… and start updating that resume.

Good luck!

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Would you consider changing your job if you got infertility benefits?


* LIIVF makes no representations about the accuracy of any information in this list and provides it for informational purposes only.


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How Far Would You…Literally… Go To Have a Baby?

By Tracey Minella

January 31st, 2013 at 9:04 pm

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If you ask an infertile couple what they’d be willing to do to have a baby, they’d probably say “Anything”. What would they be willing to spend? “Every last dime”. What would they sacrifice? “Whatever they need to”.

How far would they be willing to go to have a baby? “The ends of the earth”.

No, I don’t mean that philosophically. I mean it literally.

How far would you be willing to physically travel on your infertility journey?

If you live in a very rural or remote area, you have no choice but to travel extensively just to get to the nearest infertility clinic. Maybe it’s an hour or two in each direction. Many days per week, when cycling. And that’s just to access the nearest reproductive endocrinologist, not necessarily the best one.

Did location factor in to your decision for an R.E.? Did you choose the closest? Are you willing to travel farther for a clinic with the best reputation and success rates? If so, how far would you be willing to go? An hour? Two?

And on a related note, would you… or have you…relocated to another state to pursue IVF?

If the state you live in is not one of the 15 states that mandates some level of infertility coverage, and you do not have private medical insurance for infertility treatment, would you move to a state that does in order to pursue treatment? Here is a list of the states which do mandate some level of infertility coverage:

This list, provided by RESOLVE, is an invaluable asset for anyone willing to consider relocating, especially due to a job transfer or new employment opportunity. There are many variables, conditions, limitations, and exclusions on the coverage. Some states cover diagnostic testing only, others will allow certain treatments but exclude IVF, and some cover IVF but limit the number of cycles. Massachusetts has a very generous mandate which would certainly tempt infertile couples to consider relocating under the right circumstances. But it’s important to do your research since, even in Massachusetts, employers who self-insure are exempt.

Long Island IVF has treated patients who have traveled here from distant states and other countries, attracted by success rates and/or programs like our Micro-IVF and Donor Egg programs.

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Would you…or have you… traveled far, or even relocated to another state to pursue your dream of having a baby?


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Long Island IVF Hosts Important Family Act Town Hall Event!

By Tracey Minella

December 10th, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Long Island IVF, in conjunction with RESOLVE the National Fertility Association, is extremely proud and excited to host the New York metropolitan area’s Town Hall event where the public can learn more about how to support the Family Act bill and meet their elected officials.

The Family Act will provide a tax credit in excess of $13,000 to help offset the costs of IVF infertility treatment. It also provides a credit for fertility preservation costs for those facing cancer. (For more information on the Family Act, please read the article below).

The Town Hall event will be held at the Long Island IVF office at 8 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 101, Melville, New York, on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. Local representatives have been invited. Come out to show your support for this important bill. And bring your friends.

Long Island IVF’s Dr. Steven Brenner will be the keynote speaker at the event. Additional speakers, including elected officials or RESOLVE Board members in attendance, are possible as well. Local OBGYNs and oncologists also support this legislation and will be present. Light refreshments will be served.

The purpose of the event is to discuss the Family Act, show your elected officials that you support a tax credit for IVF, and to learn how you can help advocate for its passage. There will be letters available for attendees to fill in and sign, which LIIVF will forward to the appropriate political officials.

Please encourage your friends and family to attend this important event. We have never been so close to obtaining federal assistance with the costs of IVF as we are right now. But we need everyone’s help to make it happen. Share this information. Ask your OBGYN if they will attend this event, or share the details with their patients. Share it with anyone you know who has been touched by infertility or fertility-robbing cancer treatment.

For many people, the passage of the Family Act may be the difference between becoming a parent someday or not. Do it for yourself. Do it for future generations.

With a potential $13,000 + tax credit on the line for IVF, can you afford not to come out and support this bill next Tuesday? Please make the time. Even one hour.

In this busy season of miracles, your support of this legislation could be the best gift you’ll ever give.

There is no cost to attend this event. Please RSVP to Long Island IVF: Email or or call Nicole or Bridgette at 631-752-0606. We look forward to seeing you there! Please bring your friends.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Will you come to the event? Will you share it with others?



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