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Building Families in the LGBT Community Seminar at Long Island IVF

By Tracey Minella

October 4th, 2016 at 10:03 am

Long Island IVF has been helping the LGBT community become parents for decades. So, if you’re thinking about having a baby and want to know all of your family building options, you won’t want to miss this event!

We’ve partnered up with the LGBT Network to bring you a quality LGBT family building seminar on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Long Island IVF Melville office located at 8 Corporate Center Drive, Melville, New York.

In about two hours, the speakers at our seminar will answer everything you ever wanted to know about today’s many LGBT Family-Building options. Two of our reproductive endocrinologists, Dr. Steven Brenner, and Dr. Satu Kuokkanen, along with other key Long Island IVF team members will introduce you to the fascinating world of assisted reproductive technology and specifically how it’s used to help the LGBT community become parents. In addition, our Donor Egg Coordinator, Vicky Loveland, MS, RN, and Melissa Brisman, owner and founder of Reproductive Possibilities will be there.

LGBT family-building is different in many ways from so-called “traditional” family-building. As a practice made up of both LGBT and non-LGBT employees, we truly understand the nuances that make your parenthood quest unique to you, whether you are gay, lesbian, transsexual, or bi-sexual. Believing that everyone has the right to become a parent, LIIVF is committed to using the best available medical technologies to help you overcome or circumvent biological obstacles to parenthood.

Whether we met at LI Pridefest 2016 in June and you’d like to learn more about our LGBT Family Building program at Long Island IVF, or this is the first time you’ll be meeting us, we hope you’ll join us and the LGBT Network at our Melville office to learn about the many ways we can help you achieve your dream of parenthood.

For more information and to register for this free event, please go to

Need to reach someone? You can email

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Will you be attending the “Building Families in the LGBT Community” seminar? Do you have any specific questions or particular topics you want to see covered?

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Long Island IVF-WINNER: Best in Vitro Fertility Practice 2015 AND 2016

It is with humble yet excited hearts that we announce that Long Island IVF was voted the Best In Vitro Fertility Practice in the Best Of Long Island 2015 and 2016 contest…two years in a row!

The doctors, nurses, embryologists, and the rest of the Long Island IVF staff are so proud of this honor and so thankful to every one of you who took the time to vote. From the moms juggling LIIVF babies… to the dads coaching LIIVF teens…to the parents sending LIIVF adults off to college or down the aisles… to the LIIVF patients still on their journeys to parenthood who are confident in the care they’re receiving…we thank you all.

We love what we’ve gotten to do every day more than 28 years…build families. If you are having trouble conceiving, please call us. Many of our nurses and staff were also our patients, so we really do understand what you’re going through. And we’d like to help. 631-752-0606.


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Stress Reduction and Infertility

By Dr. David Kreiner

July 9th, 2010 at 12:00 am

I see a lot of stress as a reproductive endocrinologist. And let’s face it – we all have stress! Recently I read on a post by Melissa Brisman Esq. (source: tips for reducing infertility stress. And if you’re trying to conceive (TTC), and have been faced with constant disappointment – you are probably getting a little stressed out.  High levels of stress definitely won’t help you get pregnant.

These stress relief tips may increase your chances of getting pregnant, and will definitely improve your mood and relationships.

Before the tips, here’s a hopeful quip:

“Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you,” said John De Paola.

I don’t know if pregnancy will “catch” you if you slow down…but heck, it’s worth a try! To learn more about sperm, ovulation, and getting pregnant, click Fertility and Infertility for Dummies by Gillian Lockwood and others. And, read on for dozens of tips on reducing the stress of infertility….At East Coast Fertility, join our Mind Body Program where reducing stress and improving your odds is the name of the game.

Social Ways to Reduce Infertility Stress

– Tell your friends what you need. If don’t want people to keep asking if you’re pregnant (I hate that!), then tell them that you’ll give them the good news when you’re ready!

– Accept your way of dealing with infertility. You and your partner’s method of coping with infertility could be much different than mine, or your sister’s – and the sooner that you accept it, the better.

– Talk to your friends about your frustrations and joys.

– Have a relaxing glass of wine or a margarita with friends, but don’t overdo it (though some say you shouldn’t drink alcohol at all when you’re trying to get pregnant…that’s a personal choice).

– Prioritize invitations to reduce stress. Give yourself time to unwind and do what you want to do. Say no to parties or get-togethers, or just make a brief appearance.

– Don’t fall into the trap of comparing your life, situation, relationship, or family to other people’s.

Physical Ways to Reduce Infertility Stress

– Get a full-body massage – and tell your massage therapist that you’re trying to get pregnant.

– Spend time out in nature: walking, skating skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer.

– Take a warm bubble bath (but if you’re a female or male coping with infertility, make sure you check with your doctor first).

– Stop eating before you’re full – don’t gorge on chocolates, chips, or fast food.

– Get enough sleep.

– Reduce your caffeine intake (I’m sure you’ve heard that before!).

– Take your vitamins, supplements, minerals (you’ve heard that before, too, I bet).

– Drinks lots of water.

– Get a manicure or pedicure.

– Make love for the sake of making love.

Mental Ways to Reduce Infertility Stress

– Volunteer at a food bank, hospital, or animal shelter.

– Take downtime to snooze, read, relax.

– Play your favorite card and board games – laughing will reduce the stress of getting pregnant.

– Take a regular crossword puzzle or Suduku break.

– Pick your battles, choose your priorities.

– Let go of the little stuff.

– Watch your favorite TV shows or movies.

– Share your baking or meals with homebound people or lonely neighbors.

Emotional Ways to Reduce Infertility Stress

– Practice gratitude.

– Have realistic expectations.

– Laugh!

– Stay in touch with your authentic emotions.

– Cry, scream, or punch the pillow when you need to.

– Stop to take a deep breath every hour or so throughout the day.

– Let yourself grieve. Reducing stress involves expressing your emotions.

– Keep your old traditions and healthy habits alive, but be open to new ones.

Creative Ways to Reduce Infertility Stress

– Paint, draw or carve your thoughts and feelings.

– Visit a museum or art gallery to reduce holiday stress.

– Go to a movie in the middle of the day by yourself.

– Listen to music that relaxes and/or energizes you.

– Go for a drive in the country; stop for hot chocolate and muffins.

– Write in your journal to reduce stress.

Spiritual Ways to Reduce Infertility Stress

– Pray, and remember the big picture.

– Read the Bible, Torah, or other meaningful book.

– Seek the deep meaning behind church or mass services to reduce holiday stress.

– Remember that your God, Creator or Higher Power is working behind the scenes.

– Adjust your perspective to include peace, compassion, and forgiveness.

Family Ways to Reduce Infertility Stress

– Change your regular responses to aggravating family members, especially if your normal responses haven’t worked in the past!

– Shrug off challenges and criticisms.

– Let go of past betrayals, mistakes, failures – both yours and others’.

– Don’t expect people to change (unless you change first).

– Maintain healthy boundaries to reduce infertility stress.

Readers, how do you let go of the stress of trying to get pregnant? I find that walking in the woods out behind our house is hugely relaxing – it reminds me that life can be beautiful even without kids. There’s something about deep breaths of fresh air that energize me, no matter how bad I’m feeling…

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