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Infertility Podcast Series: Journey to the Crib: Chapter 16 Micro-IVF

By David Kreiner MD

June 10th, 2013 at 9:46 pm


Welcome to the Journey to the Crib Podcast.  We will have a blog discussion each week with each chapter.  This podcast covers Chapter Sixteen: Micro-IVF. You, the listener, are invited to ask questions and make comments.  Dr. Kreiner will answer them. You can access the podcast here:


Micro-IVF, also known as Mini-IVF, is a minimal stimulation IVF that differs from routine IVF only in the ovarian stimulation hormones that are used.  We typically stimulate with clomid 100mg for the first five days followed by 75 units of FSH hormones for two days.  We monitor, retrieve the eggs, fertilize the eggs in the lab and perform the embryo transfer in the same exact way as we do with all other IVF patients. 

In 2006, a friend and colleague of mine, Suheil Muasher, who completed the Jones Institute fellowship two years before me, introduced the idea of Micro-IVF to me.  My initial reaction was not unlike most other reproductive endocrinologists who question “Why offer an IVF alternative that has a lower success rate?”  Well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. And it doesn’t hurt that the pudding costs less with ingredients that have less of an effect on the body.

Since October 2011, when East Coast Fertility merged with Long Island IVF, we have had a better than 50% pregnancy rate for our patients under 35 years of age utilizing Micro-IVF.  That the cost is $3900 and the exposure to fertility drugs is minimal makes this an astounding success rate.

Furthermore, our patients who transfer just one embryo with the fresh transfer qualify for the Long Island IVF Single Embryo Transfer program and as a result are entitled to cryopreserving and storing up to one year any excess embryos for free. 

With such great results, I recommend Micro-IVF as a safer and superior alternative to FSH/IUI and sometimes even Clomid/IUI cycles especially in our younger age patients.

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