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Long Island IVF: New Acupuncture Program Symposium-FREE Event!

By Tracey Minella

April 22nd, 2016 at 9:02 am

Long Island IVF… the practice that brought Long Island its first IVF baby, first Donor Egg baby and First baby from a cryopreserved embryo… is pleased to announce another major “first” on Long Island:

We are the first infertility practice with a Reproductive Endocrinologist who is also a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner and certified acupuncturist.

After 30 years of creating babies, Long Island IVF co-founder and reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. David Kreiner, went back to the classroom to study TCM and become a certified acupuncturist.

Motivated by a desire to find complementary holistic approaches to enhance today’s best Western medical technologies, Dr. Kreiner is now applying that acupuncture training in the IVF procedure room, both pre- and post-IVF transfer. IVF patients… especially those for whom Western medicine alone has not yet produced a baby…may benefit from adding this ancient therapy. The treatment is available exclusively to all LIIVF patients.

Want to learn more about how this exclusive, yet very affordable, natural therapy might help increase your chances of conceiving?

 Register to attend when we launch this special program on Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 6:30 pm at our Melville office at 8 Corporate Center Drive, Melville, New York. The seminar is free and light refreshments will be served, but seating is limited and seats are going fast, so pre-registration is required.

There will be presentations on several topics from several of the regions experts in acupuncture, including:

1- Western Medicine approach to Infertility – Dr. David Kreiner, MD REI and NYS Certified Medical Acupuncturist, Long Island IVF

2- Acupuncture Diagnosis and How Treatment is Individualized – James Shinol LAc

3- Fertility Enhancement with Diminished Ovarian Reserve-Improving Ovarian Stimulation – Dr. XinJuan Yang, Ph.D,MD (China), LAc

4- Fertility and Diet – Roberta Siegelson, LAc

5- PCOS and acupuncture – Dr. Christine Bauer, DC, LAc

6- Enhancing Uterine Receptivity –Dr. Ping Zhu, Ph.D, MD (China), LAc

7- Acupuncture to Minimize Risk of Miscarriage –Mike Berkley, LAc

8- Japanese Acupuncture  – James Vitale, LAc



We look forward to seeing you there. Please contact Lindsay Montello, Patient Services, at 631-752-0606 or with any questions.

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Are you coming to the launch of the Acupuncture Program?

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Long Island IVF-WINNER: Best in Vitro Fertility Practice 2015 AND 2016

It is with humble yet excited hearts that we announce that Long Island IVF was voted the Best In Vitro Fertility Practice in the Best Of Long Island 2015 and 2016 contest…two years in a row!

The doctors, nurses, embryologists, and the rest of the Long Island IVF staff are so proud of this honor and so thankful to every one of you who took the time to vote. From the moms juggling LIIVF babies… to the dads coaching LIIVF teens…to the parents sending LIIVF adults off to college or down the aisles… to the LIIVF patients still on their journeys to parenthood who are confident in the care they’re receiving…we thank you all.

We love what we’ve gotten to do every day more than 28 years…build families. If you are having trouble conceiving, please call us. Many of our nurses and staff were also our patients, so we really do understand what you’re going through. And we’d like to help. 631-752-0606.



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Please Join Us Tonight: East Meets West Free Seminar!

By Tracey Minella

February 15th, 2011 at 12:00 am

There is something really radical going on in Plainview, New York tonight. It is called a free face-to-face, real live informational seminar on infertility. That’s right.   We’re talking personal connections here. Not a webinar. For free. (Did I mention the munchies?)

Tonight’s discussion is about combining Western and Eastern approaches in treating infertility. Like a one-two punch. Have you been trying to conceive without success? Maybe suffered one or more miscarriages? Is your day 3 FSH in the stratosphere? Have other programs told you to give up? Then this unique approach designed to increase pregnancy rates and possibly reduce miscarriage rates could be your answer. Imagine that!

The expert speakers are Dr. David Kreiner of East Coast Fertility and Acupuncturist Mike Berkley of the Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness. Don’t you owe it to yourself to just check it out? When was the last time you could corner a RE or an acupuncturist and grill him ‘til you were satisfied? For free.

Still hesitant? Consider this scenario.

Picture two infertile friends and co-workers talking at the water cooler. One can’t get pregnant. The other can’t stay pregnant. One invites the other to a free seminar after work. It goes like this:

“But, I’m too tired after work. I just wanna go home.”

“Oh, c’mon. There’ll be munchies. It’s just two hours and maybe we’ll find the answers we’ve been looking for.”

“But, I hate those things. A conference room full of strangers. It’s probably just a big sales pitch about the same old, same old.”

“What if it’s not, though? I’ve never seen a seminar about combining these two approaches. I wouldn’t even know where else to look for an acupuncturist to talk to.  Maybe, just maybe, it can help us. It’s free. If I could avoid another failed IVF, it’s worth checking it out. Besides, we’ll be together.”

“Nah. I’m gonna pass, but you have fun. Sounds kinda hokey to me. Anyway, it’s freezing outside…”

Now let me ask you something. If you are the one left alone at the water cooler because your friend is on maternity leave, how are you going to feel about doing the easier thing tonight?

There will always be plenty of excuses not to go. Apathy, cold, tired, and depressed are powerful feelings to overcome. But remember, cutting edge opportunities in infertility treatment don’t present themselves every day. I promise you won’t have any regrets if you do go. Bring a friend.

Go on. Step away from your laptop. We’re waiting for you. (Hey, did I mention the munchies?)

Seminar begins tonight at 6:30 pm, until 8:30 pm, at:

East Coast Fertility, 245 Newtown Rd., Suite 300, Plainview, New York 11803

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Bringing Acupuncture to The IVF Patient

By Dr. David Kreiner, MD

October 15th, 2010 at 8:17 am

How might it work?

It has been proposed by many that acupuncture could positively impact the results of In vitro Fertilization – IVF.  The mechanisms proposed for this effect are several.


Acupuncture affects the levels of pituitary and ovarian hormones as demonstrated in several studies. Other studies show that it may help improve blood flow to the uterus which might improve implantation.


Another explanation attractive to me is that acupuncture may "relax" the uterus at the time of embryo transfer. Several studies have demonstrated uterine contractions and that these contractions can expel transferred IVF embryos. If these contractions were reduced by acupuncture then that could improve IVF pregnancy rates.


Reducing stress and improving the general health and wellness of an individual undergoing IVF was scientifically demonstrated to improve our IVF success rates.  If acupuncture is able to achieve some reduction in stress and/or some improvement in patient wellness than statistically it should improve the likelihood of achieving a pregnancy.


There are claims that acupuncture will help patients respond better to stimulation medication, get more eggs, even healthier eggs, and get higher pregnancy rates. Many women with diminished ovarian reserve and a high FSH level or history of miscarriages have been promised that acupuncture can cure these problems. The challenge has been to objectively prove these claims with scientific studies.


Thus far, there have been a few studies examining the use of acupuncture as an adjunctive therapy to IVF.  A relatively new study, published in 2008, combined the results of many of these smaller studies, concluding that one additional live birth would be obtained for every 10 IVF embryo transfers performed when acupuncture was added to the therapeutic regimen.

Acupuncture and IVF Studies

Study 1


The first published study, which received a great deal of attention, was conducted by Paulus and published in Fertility and Sterility.


The study looked at 160 women aged 21 to 43.  In this study, IVF patients received acupuncture 25 minutes before and 25 minutes after the embryo transfer. No patients received acupuncture before or during treatment with fertility medications.


The acupuncture points chosen for the study were supposed to result in:

  • Better blood perfusion and "energy" in the uterus
  • Sedation of the patient
  • "Stabilization" of the endocrine system

IVF patients who had acupuncture had a 42% pregnancy rate. IVF patients who did not have acupuncture had a 26% rate.

Some critics claimed that improvement was due to the placebo effect. To examine this Paulus presented a placebo-controlled study at the annual meeting of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology. Two hundred patients with good embryo quality were randomized to receive either real or faked acupuncture for 25 minutes before and after ET. There were clinical pregnancies in 43% of the real and 37% of the faked acupuncture patients. Statistical analysis of the results was not significant but there was the trend towards improved success with the acupuncture.


Study 2


The study was conducted on 300 couples and was randomized to one of three groups on the day of egg retrieval. After randomization, 27 patients were excluded for various reasons. Of the remaining 273 patients, 87 were allocated to no acupuncture (control group), 95 to acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer, and 91 to receive acupuncture on the day of ET and again 2 days later.


There was no difference between the three groups in the number of eggs retrieved or the number of embryos available to transfer to the uterus.

The ongoing pregnancy rate was higher in both of the acupuncture groups compared to the control group. The ongoing pregnancy rate in the group which received acupuncture once was 36%, in the group that received acupuncture twice, the rate was 33% and in the group that did not receive acupuncture at all it was 22%.

Study 3

In this third acupuncture study, a total of 225 infertile patients were included: 116 women were randomized into group I (the acupuncture group), and 109 women were randomized into group II (the no acupuncture group). The physician who performed the embryo transfer was not aware of which couples were in which group. On the day of embryo transfer, the patients in the study group received acupuncture.  At the same time, a special Chinese medical drug (the seed of Caryophyllaceae) was placed on the patient’s ear. The seeds remained in place for 2 days and were pressed twice daily for 10 minutes. Three days after the embryo transfer, the patients received a second acupuncture treatment. In addition, the same ear points were pressed at the opposite ear twice daily. The seeds were removed after 2 days.


The control group received a faked acupuncture. As in the treatment group, patients received the phony acupuncture treatment for 30 minutes. This placebo treatment was repeated three days after the embryo transfer. Equal numbers of needles were applied to the study and control groups. The placebo acupuncture treatment was designed not to influence fertility.


Both groups were similar in terms of age, weight, duration of infertility, cause of infertility, and number of previous IVF attempts. No differences were found in the specifics of the ovarian stimulation, the number of eggs retrieved, the fertilization rate, or the number of embryos transferred.

The real acupuncture group had an implantation rate per embryo of 14.2% whereas the faked acupuncture group’s implantation rate was only 5.9%. The ongoing pregnancy rate was 28.4% in the real acupuncture group compared to 13.8% in the control group.


Study 4


This next acupuncture and in vitro fertilization study subjected the patients to three acupuncture treatment sessions. The first took place before the egg retrieval on the 9th day of ovarian stimulation, and the second and third acupuncture treatments were performed immediately before and after the embryo transfer. Women were randomly allocated to receive treatment with either real therapeutic acupuncture or with faked acupuncture.


Of the 228 subjects randomized, 15% were unable to complete the treatment protocol because their IVF cycle was cancelled prior to the embryo transfer. No difference in the grading of embryos was found between groups. The pregnancy rate, defined by a positive fetal heart beat, was 31% in the acupuncture group and 23% in the control group.


I am very proud that as of today, The Berkeley Center For Reproductive Wellness at East Coast Fertility is opening it’s door. It’s our hope to support you in every way to build your family. 

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