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Long Island IVF Celebrates National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) 2015

By Tracey Minella

March 11th, 2015 at 7:19 pm

NIAW is April 19-25 this year and Long Island IVF has several fun and educational events planned. Egg Donation, Fertile Yoga, Stress reduction techniques, Acupuncture and more! All events are FREE…and you don’t have to be a patient to attend. It’s our part in the movement to increase Infertility Awareness.

Here’s what’s going on all week long:

Tuesday 4/21: Donor Egg Recipient Program Night:

Thinking about using an egg donor to build your family? Then we’ve got the night for you. Learn everything you ever wanted need to know about the Donor Egg process. Learn why some women can benefit from donor eggs, how egg donors are thoroughly screened, how the process works, the competitive success rates of our program, and so much more. Meet the Donor Egg Team and hear a testimonial from one of our many successful and happy moms.

When you’re ready to move forward with egg donation, we have pre-screened egg donors of many ethnicities just waiting to help you! Come see what it’s all about. Light refreshments.


Wednesday 4/22: Fertile Yoga Night:

Yoga with a Baby Goal!

Created for both newbies and yoga devotes, this is your chance to participate in a yoga session specifically geared to potentially enhance your fertility. Bring your mat or a towel (and yoga pants or gym wear) and experience meditation, breathing and stretching designed to reduce stress, lessen muscle tension and increase blood flow to the pelvis.

You’ll be guided by Lisa Pineda, of Yoga For Fertility, an instructor experienced in yoga for fertility who will leave you relaxed and wanting more. Light refreshments.


Thursday 4/23: Alternative Medicine & Holistic Approaches to Fertility Enhancement Night:

Stress reduction is the name of the game tonight!

This interactive evening will highlight Mind-Body and holistic medicine practices including meditation techniques, breath work, Reiki, massage therapy and a live demonstration of fertility-focused acupuncture. Learn how fertility-focused alternative medicine options  may complement traditional medical fertility protocols.

LIIVF’s own Dr. David Kreiner will discuss acupuncture and Bina Benisch, MS RN and other affiliated local practitioners will lead the other discussions/demos. Additionally, Rachel Liberatore, LMT, from Nu Touch Therapy will be providing free chair massages. And Jim Vitale, licensed acupuncturist and owner of Suffolk County Acupuncture will fascinate you with a live fertility acupuncture demonstration!

Don’t miss this chance to learn how to help yourself reduce stress and improve your own fertility. Light refreshments.

You’ll leave all these events feeling more empowered and relaxed, knowing ways you can optimize your chances of conceiving. Take back some control over your fertility.


Please join us from 7:00- 9:00 each evening at:

Long Island IVF

8 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 101

Melville, NY


All events are FREE, but pre-registration is required. Events will fill up quickly. Attendance is limited. If you’ve been trying to conceive without success, please RSVP immediately to reserve your spot by contacting our Patient Services Coordinator, Lindsay Montello at 631-386-5509 or You do not have to be a Long Island IVF patient to attend. Please feel free to bring your partner or a friend. Come to any or all of these great events.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Which of these events do you find interesting? What other kinds of events would you like to see us host?

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“Attention. This is Your Captain Speaking…”

By David Kreiner MD

December 20th, 2013 at 11:07 am


“Scuza,scuza , Signore e signori we are experiencing technical difficulties…”

While I sit uncomfortably detained aboard an Al Italia jet on the tarmac at the Sicilian airport waiting for the mechanics to determine if they can repair the mechanical troubles, my mind drifts to the plight my patients experience while they go through their fertility treatments.

Frustrated, with no control over my situation I reflected upon what it must feel like for my patients who must place their trust in people more experienced than them who routinely deal with those issues that are so significantly impacting them.

Like my pilots and their support staff, the fertility doctors, nurses and their staff have dealt with problems identical to or extremely similar to the ones my patients face on a daily basis. As such I felt that I should trust that the pilots and maintenance staff would only proceed with the flight once they were assured the problem was satisfactorily repaired and that the plane was safe.

However, I figured that if we were to be delayed for takeoff that I could take out my iPad and make myself more comfortable during the wait. Immediately, I heard from the flight attendant, in angry Italian, scolding me to turn off my electronics.  Actually, I did not understand but several other passengers quickly added in English to shut off my iPad.   Did I not hear the prior instruction to turn off the electronics?

I did not understand the reasoning behind this as we were obviously delayed for takeoff. I was frustrated with my lack of control and understanding.  I would have felt more comfortable if I understood what was going on and even better if I were able to participate in the process in some way.

I am sure that my patients must also have this great desire to understand and obtain some control.  I believe that many do… often by gaining more knowledge on the subject through the Internet, our orientation sessions, and directly through questioning the doctors and nurses.

The fact was for me I had no knowledge of our problem with the plane and was therefore utterly helpless other than to offer my complete cooperation.  My patients on the other hand do have opportunities to attain some control and an ability to assist on their own behalf achieving their goal of a pregnancy.

What can patients do to improve their success?

Listening carefully to instructions and following them religiously such as obtaining and administering medications, regarding dosages and times is essential.  It is important to their ultimate success if they arrive to monitoring visits, retrievals and transfers at stated times.  Patients’ responses to medications vary over time and are considered when their doctors interpret their hormone levels.  The egg matures over the course of time passed from the hCG shot but if this time is extended too long a patient may ovulate before the retrieval is performed and the egg is lost.

How else can patients improve their outcome?

Studies have shown that stress reduction through support groups, mind body programs, massage and especially acupuncture improve success rates essentially by improving a body’s ability to respond in a healthy fashion to the fertility process.

As my reflections on the unique ability of my patients to impact their fertility were now complete and committed to paper (my iPad safely turned off and stowed away), over an hour later we finally pulled away from the gate and safely took flight.  One hour later we landed in Rome, excited to move on to the next leg of our trip. I thought as I reflected on my successful journey how I wished for my patients to be as successful in theirs.

Yet as we are about to deplane, I hear “Signore e signori I am very sorry…” the pilot announced that the bus transportation to the gate had not yet arrived and it would be another short while.

“I apologize for the inconvenience”.  Yes, this is very familiar.

* * * ** ** * * * ** * *

How does your infertility journey make you feel out of control or like a traveller in a foreign land?

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A Time Travel Exercise for the Infertile

By Tracey Minella

December 8th, 2013 at 11:08 pm


credit: Boains Cho Joo Young/

During my infertility journey, I always looked back. Usually with regrets or second-guessing. I’d criticize myself for decisions we made which seemed best at the time… and probably were best…even though the outcome wasn’t what we’d hoped. I questioned everything, including the timing of cycles and the numbers of embryos transferred, sometimes wishing for more and other times wishing for less. In short, I beat myself up.

Maybe you do that, too? If so, you need to stop.

Nothing is more counter-productive than being a “Monday morning quarterback”. And the cliché of hindsight being 20/20 is very true in infertility. Try to remember that every failure or setback is a lesson that you and your doctor will learn from to make different and better choices for your future treatment.

The holiday season is so difficult and each year the holiday marketing seems to start earlier and get more aggressive. Faces of children are in commercials and print ads wherever you turn. Maybe you’re receiving “wish lists” for nieces and nephews and the thought of walking into Toys R Us  and faking your way through Christmas makes you ill.

Need a mental break?

Here’s a little trick I’ve used when overwhelmed or depressed and since it’s National Time Travel Day, it’s the perfect time to share it:

Escape the present and fast forward to the future for a few moments. Find a quiet place and put on some soft, relaxing music…or have total silence…whichever you prefer. Be sure you won’t be interrupted. Steal at least a half hour for yourself. Close your eyes and imagine a future point in time, maybe next holiday season. Really allow yourself to see the family you dream of, whether it’s your first baby or an addition you long for to make you feel complete.

It’s important to imagine all the details. First, picture the child. Will it be a boy, a girl, or both? Blonde or dark hair? (This is your fantasy, so let go and embrace it.) Now, take yourself through traditions you dream of starting or sharing. Will you cut down a tree? Visit someone special? Send a photo holiday card? Bake cookies? Buy a Hess truck or holiday Barbie? What are your plans? How will your life change?

Yes, this may be hard. But it can be helpful. So much of infertility is beyond our control that just making these plans in your head…or in a journal…can make them seem that much closer to coming true. At least it did for me. And if you allow yourself to see your dreams and write them down year-round as they cross your mind, your holiday “to-do” list will already be written for the year your dream does come true.

Here’s hoping that those still on their journeys will find resolution in 2014.

* * * * * * **  * *

What holiday tradition are you looking forward to starting or sharing?



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Infertility Podcast Series: Journey to the Crib: Chapter 4

By David Kreiner MD

March 4th, 2013 at 9:59 pm

Welcome to the Journey to the Crib Podcast.  We will have a blog discussion each week with each chapter.  This podcast covers Chapter Four: Where Do You Go? You, the listener, are invited to ask questions and make comments.  You can access the podcast here:


Where Do You Go?


I try to help the reader understand the published statistics offered online by SART, the national organization of IVF programs that provides a registry of IVF programs who submit their data for audit by SART.  Rates are offered with a numerator and a denominator with the critical goal of a live baby per retrieval or transfer being the most crucial statistic.


The benefits and disadvantages of large programs are discussed basically offering that larger programs tend to have more experienced and often skilled personnel albeit with more waiting time for monitoring.  Some programs may provide more personalized care, some more psychological or emotional support and some offer adjunctive therapies such as acupuncture and mind body programs.


I emphasize the importance of the embryology lab as well as the skill of the physician performing the embryo transfer.  The technique of the transfer is described including factors that I believe may affect success rates.


* * * * * * **  * * * *

Please share your thoughts about this podcast here.

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