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Oh, The Irony! It’s National Condom Week

By Tracey Minella

February 18th, 2016 at 8:24 am


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Once upon a time, in a cruel twist of fate, a young, responsible couple that didn’t yet know they were infertile used condoms for birth control. Eventually, they gave them up to start a family long, long ago. A family they are still trying to conceive while the rest of the kingdom enjoys parenthood. So condoms are the furthest thing from their minds.

Sound familiar?

Ever wonder what’s happening in the condom world since you’ve been gone? Well, thanks to the internet and the site  people can anonymously check in online with their (protected) geographic location, gender, and relationship info and then share such details (through a drop down menu) as why they used a condom, where they used the condom, and finally, how they’d rank that particular sexual encounter.

For the love of Pete, is there nothing sacred anymore?

This is actually not something conceived by sex-obsessed college guys. It’s a campaign that’s part of a quest by Planned Parenthood® to reduce sexually-transmitted diseases (which may cause infertility) and promote safer sex through responsible condom use. It’s an awareness-raising initiative that’s making condom use cool– instead of lame or taboo– and it’s been around for awhile.

Feeling nostalgic? Considering buying a pack for old time’s sake?

Maybe you’re just a bit curious about the ranking system.  Well, the top “encounter” ranking is: “Ah-maz-ing–Rainbows exploded and mountains trembled”.

You go, Tiger.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Do you think you would ever go back to using condoms??

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