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Gay Rights Taking Baby Steps Towards Family Building

By David Kreiner MD

July 3rd, 2015 at 10:13 am


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Today, same sex marriage is a constitutional right.

It was a long time coming with much frustration, discrimination and actual blood, sweat and tears but thanks to the recent Supreme Court landmark ruling, equal rights is now protected by the law of the nation.

Now that SCOTUS has declared same sex marriage legal in every state, what affect will that decision have on alternative family building for the LGBT community? And how quickly will any changes be implemented?

Currently, insurance companies require that lesbian couples go through 6-12 cycles of inseminations without offering their insurance benefit because they “have not been proven to be infertile”…hint-you need sperm to make a baby.  Allowing lesbian partners access to their insurance for fertility treatment without first spending thousands of dollars on inseminations to “prove infertility” would seem to be a right that follows from such legislation.

And don’t get me started on the inaccessibility of insurance for fertility for gay male couples. Currently, depending on where they live, they must obtain surrogates who receive about $25,000 as compensation and pay additional $35-60,000 agency and legal fees plus the cost of obstetrical care on top of IVF fees.  This brings the overall cost to an average of approximately $125,000.  Of interest, Apple, Google and some of the other big high tech companies have offered such coverage.

It seems to me that if we recognize that all citizens are equal regardless of sexual orientation that offering equal rights to family building is merely a logical extension of the Supreme Court decision.

Today, we rejoice for the liberating decision regarding gay marriage…tomorrow we work towards equal access to care for family building. In the meantime shall we say we are taking baby steps…

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What changes, if any, in LGBT family-building access/coverage, do you hope will come from the recognition of same-sex marriage? What roadblocks have you faced and how have they affected your family-building?


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Long Island IVF-WINNER: Best in Vitro Fertility Practice 2015

It is with humble yet excited hearts that we announce that Long Island IVF was voted the Best In Vitro Fertility Practice in the Best Of Long Island 2015 contest.

The doctors, nurses, embryologists, and the rest of the Long Island IVF staff are so proud of this honor and so thankful to every one of you who took the time to vote. From the moms juggling LIIVF babies… to the dads coaching LIIVF teens…to the parents sending LIIVF adults off to college or down the aisles… to the LIIVF patients still on their journeys to parenthood who are confident in the care they’re receiving…we thank you all.

We love what we’ve gotten to do every day more than 27 years…build families. If you are having trouble conceiving, please call us. Many of our nurses and staff were also our patients, so we really do understand what you’re going through. And we’d like to help.


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Beyond Zach Wahls’ Viral Same-Sex Marriage Amendment Speech

By Tracey Minella

December 9th, 2011 at 10:30 pm

This past week, there’s been a video shared wildly through social media, entitled “Two Lesbians Raised a Baby and This is What They Got”. It featured a three minute video by Zach Wahls, a handsome young man of 19, speaking before the Iowa House of Representatives. He was there to oppose a proposed amendment to the Iowa State Constitution repealing same-sex marriage.

The video is impressive on many levels. Whether you are in favor or against the amendment, no intelligent person could deny that this young man delivered one of the most eloquent, thoughtful, impassioned, and persuasive speeches we’ve seen in any political arena in quite some time. If you missed it, see it here:

Zach Wahls is the son of a lesbian couple. At only 19, he can already claim to be an Eagle Scout, a business owner, and an engineering student who scored in the top 99% of the ACT exam. You can Google his peer tutoring business “Iowa City Learns”.

He argued that one’s sense of family comes from the family’s commitment to each other, not from the parents’ sexual orientation. And by the time he got to his zinger: “The sexual orientation of my parents has had zero affect on the content of my character,” he surely opened the eyes (and maybe the minds) of many opponents. His speech moved countless people to tears, all around the country.

So what affect did he have? And what more do we know?

Well, many don’t realize that this speech…viral for the second time during this week…was originally made back in February, 2011 before the House of Representatives in Iowa. Zach says in a Reddit thread that he spoke about 4th out of about 40 people addressing the House that day. Despite his famous speech, the House ultimately overwhelmingly voted against his position and in favor of repealing same-sex marriage.

But perhaps due to the speech’s first viral movement, the Iowa Senate declined to take up the measure, effectively killing it. And the House did not revisit it. So, for now, same sex-marriage is alive and well in Iowa.

For those of you who would like to know more about this impressive young man, in his own words, you can read the Reddit thread where he candidly answers tons of questions about all aspects of his life, his upbringing, his “small mom” and “tall mom” and his sister, learning to shave from his best friend’s dad, political views, bullying, religion, starting a business, even porn. Read it here:

And they say one person can’t change the world.

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How do you feel about gay parenting?

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