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Answer the Call…Make the Call

By Tracey Minella

November 27th, 2012 at 4:06 pm

Would over $13,000 for IVF help you build your family? How about fund an adoption? It’s within your grasp. But only if you act now.

Join RESOLVE’s “Call to Congress” campaign …today through Thursday… and help get the Family Act enacted and the Adoption Tax Credit expanded and made permanent.

By calling your representatives and using the step-by-step instructions and script provided by RESOLVE, you can make your dream of having a family through IVF or adoption, that much closer to a reality by removing a large financial obstacle. The proposed legislation also offers assistance for the costs of fertility preservation in patients facing cancer, so the loss of affected reproductive organs (or the effects of chemotherapy) will not rob them of their ability to have a biological child once their cancer crisis has passed.

This three day movement, organized by RESOLVE, has been strategically planned to make a noticeable impact on legislators nationwide. Fertility advocates across the entire country are mobilizing forces to join in the effort to get the Family Act passed and the Adoption Tax Credit expanded and made permanent. Fertility patients everywhere, current or former, are being asked to speak up and be heard.

Does this sound like a battle? Well, it is! Will you answer the call…and make the call?

Please click here for more information about this ground-breaking legislation and for easy access links to help you show your support: Then make the calls…today through Thursday. Thanks.


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After you make the call, please tell us here (or on Facebook) that you did it! Please share this information with whomever you are comfortable sharing it with. Together we can make a difference.

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November is National Adoption Awareness Month

By Tracey Minella

November 11th, 2012 at 11:15 am

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Most of our patients come to us for help conceiving a child after trying on their own and either not getting or not remaining pregnant. Sometimes, patients who have no problems having a first child, come to us for help having additional children.

While our job at Long Island IVF is to build families every day through assisted reproductive technologies, like IVF, some patients ultimately choose adoption either instead of or in addition to pursuing a biological child.

Adoption, like any family-building decision, has many factors to consider. For many, there can be psychological issues to resolve regarding grieving and accepting not having a biological child. There are domestic or international choices. Newborn or older child? Same race or different? Maybe a special needs child or adoption after foster parenting? And then there are the legal and financial aspects of adoption.

An important topic of interest in the infertility world of late is saving the Adoption Tax Credit…a federal tax credit which was enacted in 1996 but is set to expire on December 31, 2012, unless it is extended.

In April, Iowa Rep. Bruce Bailey introduced the Making Adoption Affordable Act which seeks to expand the current Adoption Tax Credit by a thousand dollars, from $ 12,360.00 to $13,360.00 and make it permanent and refundable. 

 In September, Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu introduced the Making Adoption Affordable Act S3616 which also seeks to extend the Adoption Tax Credit, though to $13,170.00 and to make it permanent. It also seeks to make the credit refundable.

Making the credit refundable would mean that adoptive parents could receive a tax refund in excess of their tax liability. For more information on the bill and the benefits of making the credit refundable, go to:

RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, has information on the above legislation, including further details, FAQs, lists of which legislators have co-sponsored the bills, and ways you can help get these bills passed.

Really, doesn’t every child deserve a family? And shouldn’t the generous people who open their hearts and homes to these parentless children get a break in terms of reimbursement of the costs associated in becoming a family?

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How do you feel about this proposed legislation? Do you think it is fair, with benefits that outweigh concerns? If not, what are your primary concerns or reservations?

Have you adopted or fostered a child, and what was your experience?

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