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Nearly Wordless Wednesday Photo Caption Contest

By Tracey Minella

November 16th, 2011 at 10:08 am

Hooray for Wednesday! It’s photo caption time, folks! But first we have to name last week’s winner.

The winner of last week’s photo caption contest is Erintobe! Congrats!

Remember the baby and stuffed ducky duct taped to the wall? Well, Erintobe’s comment “What, I gave the baby her favorite duck!” was just the short, sarcastic remark we thought would be a great caption. So Erintobe, this week, the Starbucks is on us. Please email your address and the words “11-9-11 Duct taped kid caption” to Lindsay at to claim your gift card.

Ready for this week’s challenge?

Give this photo a caption either below on this blog or on our Facebook page. I picked it because Black Friday will be here before we know it.

Best entry winner gets Starbucks on us! It’s a fast, fun and free contest open to anyone, whether infertile or not, and whether a patient of our practice or not.

Either provide your email address with your entry or check back to see if you won and we’ll tell you how to email us so we can mail you your gift card.

Plus, if you “LIKE” us on Facebook at!/ecfertility, we can send you the prize as a Starbuck’s Card e-gift right through Facebook, so you could be sipping your winnings as early as on the day we choose the winner! (And as much as we’d love you to like us on Facebook, it is absolutely not required to either enter or win our contests!)

Enter today!

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Infertility Poetry Challenge with Rewards!

By Tracey Minella

August 22nd, 2011 at 10:14 am

In honor of National Poet’s Day, East Coast Fertility offers a fun little challenge to everyone stopping by today, whether from ICLW or our regular bloggers…and a fun little reward for your efforts. [Plus don’t forget to enter our video contest before 8/28…maybe you will win a romantic dinner OR the free Micro-IVF cycle grand prize! See August 1st post for details! Click here:]

Infertility can bring out a wide range of emotions in those who suffer from it…mostly frustration and sadness, but sometimes humor. Poetry is the perfect outlet for some of these emotions. We need to vent. We need to laugh.

This poem comes to you on Poet’s Day,

With a challenge and reward coming your way.

Since infertility is close to my heart,

I will give the poem a start.

Continue with four new lines (or even just two);

Or an original poem written by only by you.

You’ve got until Friday, just so you know it,

So don’t even waste a minute.

A Starbucks card for the first ten poets–

But you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Ode to an Embryo

After all the water I had to drink

I felt that my bladder would burst

Now I just lay here, waiting and think

Will it quench my motherhood thirst?

Lying here with legs akimbo

In a welcoming state of mind

Did you stick– or are you in limbo?

Will the fertility gods be kind?

Phew, that’s the heavy, emotional stuff. Or, there’s always the more light-hearted and fun kind of poem. Something like:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Stick embryos stick

We paid for the glue!

Or something personal directed at your favorite nurse or doctor, like maybe:

I went to a doctor named Kreiner

‘Cause I heard there was nobody finer.

Getting pregnant took years

And a bucket of tears

Then two babies came from my vagi-ner.

Spit out your coffee, did you? Well, okay, maybe that was a tad out there. I’m a blogger, not a poet.

The point is to vent or have a laugh…and earn a Starbucks card. No need to be Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost.

Go on. Post something. You know you have something to say.

* * * * * * *

If you are one of the first ten to post a poem, please email your name and address to on or before Monday August 29, 2011 in order to claim your gift card.  

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