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A Patient’s Poem of Thanks

By Anonymous

January 12th, 2012 at 9:18 pm

I want to share a patient’s note of gratitude today. Not only did she take the time to express her thanks, but she did so in the form of a poem. And she wrote it so that it will inspire others to believe that they, too, will get their little miracles if they continue to dream big dreams:

It’s not a dream, it’s Fertility

This isn’t a dream it really does come true
A family you can have even if the odds are so against you.
You just have to be able to take deep breath and say
I need some help and thank your lucky stars it’s out there today.

Once upon a time I was lost and alone
Never did I think I’d have a family of my own.
The doctors explained all about IVF
And off to East Coast we went they are known to be the best.

At first it’s confusing a new world you enter in
But once you take that first step it’s easy to begin.
You do what you need and you hold hands and pray,
I am here to have a child it’s going to happen today.

You focus and they focus and you start to believe
That yes it’s going to happen at East Coast you will conceive.
As you walk through their doors at East Coast you start to feel
That your miracle will come true it is very real.

You get top notch care and they assist in everyway
You can call and someone will answer 24 hours each day.
They work 7 days and they work hard they do,
Success is the only thing they want and it’s all about "you."

Now time has gone by two kids depend on me,
And one day I’ll tell them about East Coast Fertility
I just embrace everyday and hold a special place in my heart
At East Coast Fertility is where my dreams did start.

I look at two kids and they stare back at me.
Life is a miracle and so is East Coast Fertility.

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